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nundinae ([personal profile] nundinae) wrote2009-05-23 05:48 pm
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There were those brilliant three days this week where I slept the titillating total of maybe-eight-hours out of 48 or so. So overworked and it's not even over yet.

Also, this has been officially the Religion Fail week, or the Race for the Golden Douche that seems to be held like, every month or so by certain monotheistic religions.

First, the report on the abuse of children perpetrated throughout the great part of 20. century by the Catholic clergy in Ireland is finally published, in its 2600-page vomit-inducing glory. The archbishop of Westminster then proceeds to say that it took great courage for the clergy to admit to the wrongs they had done (even though the knew they would be anonymous, and most likely, unpunished still), and than to say that the greatest evil is in fact atheism. Yay, forget those abused and starved kids, why not! Go get Dawkins!

The Serbian Orthodox Church, clearly disgruntled over the Catholics being in the spotlight again, then proceeds to grace us with its own fail, namely this charming video of a drug addict being beaten up in front of those charming quaint icons in a church-operated drug rehab centre. Geee, why do all those people get so worked up over it? I couldn't say.

The week is not over yet though! I'm personally waiting for some more posthumous baptism for Holocaust victims or something. Clearly, it cannot end without Mormon fail. BLASPHEMY.