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2010-08-09 12:23 am



1. How is it August already?

2. Read so many books, must post reviews O:

3. Moving countries in two weeks, full panic mode on O:

4. Gotta buy more books before the move O: O: O:

5. Also, must see the new Sherlock thing, since everybody says it's so awesome <3
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2010-06-09 10:46 pm
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 I'm awesome and also not terribly depressed anymore, and also have no idea which country I'm going to land in next, but that's all riiiiiiiiiiiiight.


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2009-09-09 08:26 pm

Beebs how are you so awesome???

First, Children of Earth is great great great, and has no evil sadistic lesbians, evil old women, evil mothers, evil young women, and other evil women.
Or men.
And there's character development, and in the end, you can feel bad for everybody, and it's great.

Now, the new series of New Tricks is so awesome that there are no words for how awesome it is but awesoooomeee!

The episode about immigrants? I thought I'd explode from joy. And the one about war prisoners? Perfection!

The pretty USian soldier could have been at least a bit less pretty, though. There's something about TV always making nuns and USian soldiers look pretty. I bet TV Tropes has an article on that.

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2009-07-26 03:01 pm
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My best girlfriend just told me that POC are by no means discriminated against in the music and film industry, because there are so many black hip-hop artists.
I was like DDDDDDD: and o.O and NO RLY????

When I told her to maybe go read up on white privilege, educate herself or something, she was like, "all this privilege talk, soooo boooring!"

In the end, I don't think I actually need a BFF like that. Also: I knew her for years, and I never noticed o.O Anyway, I'M SO FURIOUS.

Also, hullo thar, giant book backlog to post, and hullo that, five unfinished essays *dies*
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2009-05-23 05:48 pm
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There were those brilliant three days this week where I slept the titillating total of maybe-eight-hours out of 48 or so. So overworked and it's not even over yet.

Also, this has been officially the Religion Fail week, or the Race for the Golden Douche that seems to be held like, every month or so by certain monotheistic religions.

First, the report on the abuse of children... )

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2009-05-16 06:32 pm

The one million and five ways in which Poland continues its megafail at life and everything else

So, apparently, the people at the public television in Poland, currently being managed by an ex-neonazi kind of fuckwitted little cretin, thought it was a brilliant idea to invite over some of the greatest minds from the US, the land of freedom, guns and healthy homophobia, unencumbered by all that pesky political correctness (1). Where by "brilliant minds", I actually mean Paul Bloody Cameron.


So he got an hour long interview on a talkshow broadcasted in sort of prime time on the aforementioned public television, with virtually nobody to disagree with his disgusting homophobic lies, beacuse, why not? You have to teach the controversy, I mean, give equal opportunities of voicing their opinion to all sides of every debate, which the Polish public television apparently wants to achieve by having at least five different homophobic talkshows every week. So that people don't forget about those evil AIDS-spreading homosexuals or something.

Also: the next day: another round of idiotic lies, fail and homophobia in a major national newspaper with close close or so very close ties to the former (yay, at least we voted them off the island) ultra-fundamentalist government publishes a long long interview with Cameron, charmingly entitled "Gays Are Like Junkies", and containing such brilliant gems as this:
Translation under the cut )

It's not my translation that sucks, it made as little sense in Polish as it does in English. But I guess you wouldn't care when you're a frothing delusional homophobe?

Also, geee, whose fault is that gay people can't marry? I COULDN'T POSSIBLY SAY.

Omg, I'm so not going back to that country D:

(1) this is how the US are regarded by the local right-wing crazypersons. Because, clearly, freedom = freedom to go get those bloody queers once and for all y/y? *DEADDESK* The concensus is that Obama will ruin things for everybody, though. Oh, right wing crazies, oh.

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2009-05-02 03:43 am


test test ąęćźżł テスト できるもんか?