nundinae: michiru, mirror (Default)
2009-09-09 08:26 pm

Beebs how are you so awesome???

First, Children of Earth is great great great, and has no evil sadistic lesbians, evil old women, evil mothers, evil young women, and other evil women.
Or men.
And there's character development, and in the end, you can feel bad for everybody, and it's great.

Now, the new series of New Tricks is so awesome that there are no words for how awesome it is but awesoooomeee!

The episode about immigrants? I thought I'd explode from joy. And the one about war prisoners? Perfection!

The pretty USian soldier could have been at least a bit less pretty, though. There's something about TV always making nuns and USian soldiers look pretty. I bet TV Tropes has an article on that.